Monday, January 31, 2011

Excerpt from "The Little Bathroom Attendant of The Killing Fields"

The Little Bathroom Attendant of The Killing Fields
“Hello,” her little voice said in clear English, making me jump, pinning me with her big chocolate eyes.  Having just come from The Killing Tree—the tree in The Killing Fields of Cheung Eck outside Phnom Pehn, Cambodia, against which the murderous Khymer Rouge had pounded children’s heads, then thrown their beaten bodies into mass graves, as their often-wrongly-accused mother’s were dragged away to their own execution—the sight of a live, gorgeous child was a startling.    

“Would you like some paper?” she asked, poised to tear from the roll of pink toilet paper in her hand.

“Sure,” I smiled, having regained my composure.  Nodding, she rose, carefully stepped barefoot over a partially-assembled, multi-colored plastic game on the tile floor at her feet, and handed me a small, neat, pink bundle.

Only when I took it with a “Thank you very much” did it occur to me to wonder why no adults were around....