Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My new favorite person

Her name is Mamie, and she is Benoit's grandmother. Based on my current knowledge of her, she embodies all my most favorite characteristics of a beautiful French woman. She is impeccably dressed, in suits of age-appropriate cut and color, yet, she has not forgotten that she was, once, a young woman with her hair up. She is forever the gracious hostess to all, yet, found the time to cry, just with me. She has an apartment. In it, she displays memories, yet plenty of life lived for this moment: tea for her grandson, a flatscreen for current affairs , a calendar of parties to attend. Above everything, Mamie has spunk. It's a twinkle in her eye, a directness in her manner, an awareness that appointments are not just appointments, but potential memories, particularly when you are young, as Ben and I are. Finally, there is that mischievous lilt in her voice, when she becomes impassioned and speaks Alsatian. This is what I know of Mamie after three meetings, and Mamie is my new favorite person.

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