Friday, December 25, 2009

For Christmas 2009, the Duck was Sober.

This year, the duck was sober. For my new readers, that's the duck in the two-toned (i.e. goose and duck), Armagnac-infused foie gras Ben's father makes annually for Christmas and NYE. Last year, one whiff of it had sent my already wine infused system reeling into that whole 'nother dimension. So, why so sober this year, I wondered? Had the duck been that naughty in 2009?

I soon found out, that, indeed, no naughtiness had occurred. On the contrary, I believe the Armagnac just knew it could not hold a candle to this year's wine; and so, it had left the poor duck alone! First, there was a Sauternes, which I normally find way too syrupy and sweet. This one melted into the foie gras of duck and goose. Then, there was the first red, served with a lamb that one could only eat just beyond rare, for fear it would turn dry instead of pillowy tender. This Bourgogne was such a rare, ruddish amber, that Ben's father, who, in my opinion, cannot pull a bad bottle of wine out of his cave (i.e. wine cellar) nodded in awe at its color, as I held it up to the beaded chandelier. And it tasted really amazing too! Then, there was the 2nd red, a fruitier and really ruby St. Emmilion, that perfectly complemented a tangy Comte and buttery Camembert. Then, lunch dishes were put away (at 5:15pm, mind you!) cards for Belote, a French pair card game, were pulled out...and the neighbor showed up with a bottle of Champagne!

I won't get into what happened at dinner. Needless to say, I am writing in a state of great debate. Is my 2010 Christmas Wish Armagnac-soaked foie gras...or the cave raid that occurs when the poor duck is not forced to throw back a few more than he had foreseen with the barnyard boys?


Anonymous said...

Belet - how is this played?

Your Gypsy Daughter said...

First of all, thanks for reading! Second, my error: The correct spelling is BELOTE, and it is a French card game played in facing pairs.

Actually I have had several readers interested in this game, so I'm posting my answer to you on my blog!

Thanks again! and Happy New Year!!!

Your Gypsy Daughter said...

Please see current posting on how to play Belote! Happy Learning! LYGD