Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Current Nonsensicalness of International Travel: Part I

As I am just about to board a plane, in tomorrow's early afternoon, I did not want to piss the travel's gods off too much with my rantings! So, I chose to begin with something gently chiding.

P.S. Before anyone comments upon it, I completely realize that "Nonsensicalness" is not a word, and thus, makes no sense. Kind of fits the point, eh? Bon Voyage!

The Current Nonsensicalness of International Travel:

Part I: Check-In Information Boards On these grand, overhead dangling panels, one can find flight numbers, destinations, gates, and departure times, blaring in letters of bright and block yellow. Missing from this panel? A real time clock. Now, I don't know about you, but at the end of an international flight, when the pilot, you know that genial, reassuring voice that reminds you of your best friend's father who you adored or your favorite grandfather, is announcing the local time and weather, unless I have been really lucky, I have slept a total of 2 hours and the passable coffee is doing its best to seep through my pretzeled system. Not my short term memory's shining moment! And, unlike European or Asian carriers, U.S. mobile phone companies make it financially-prohibitive for the budget traveler to have international phone access, i.e. no checking the cell phone for the time. And, before you ask about a watch, not all of like to wear them whilst traveling, although, point taken, maybe I should. Either way, those boards should STILL post real time. I mean, what if your hands are completely full with whatever or you are one of those people to whom "Unattended Baggage" means not letting it out of hands, let alone out of your sight? Some questions to ponder, as I try to catch a few winks of sleep...

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